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Born and raised in Invermere, Gerry KNOWS the Valley!

Gerry has a background in small business (founder of Gerry's Gelati), local government politics, and is an experienced real estate investor, Gerry understands the complexity of land zoning, how to read financial statements, and how to find opportunities!

Gerry understands that his role as a real estate representative is not to sell, but rather to connect, facilitate, negotiate and advise. Gerry offers honest and practical advice, is committed to working hard for you, and believes in achieving win-win solutions. 

Gerry knows how special the area is, and that an investment in real estate is not just measured by dollars- it is a commitment and an emotional investment in a place, and in a community.

Gerry lives in Invermere with his partner Nozomi, and their two children Kelvin (4 years old), Veronica (1 year old), and the family dog Piper (age unknown but we are guessing 13 human years).

Gerry has a diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Gerry has served on District of Invermere Council since 2002 (first elected at age 20). He served as Mayor and as Director on the Regional District of East Kootenay from November 2008 to November 2018. From November 2018 to present Gerry is serving as a councillor on District of Invermere council, as a Director at Large for the Union of British Columbia Municipalities. Gerry also ran in the 2017 Provincial election.

Recent Blog Entries

What is 'Vendor Financing'? (and why does it matter?)

Although 'Vendor Financing' is a relatively simple concept, it is often confused with other very different things, like 'rent to own' or an 'option to purchase'. It is interesting that many otherwise savvy and experience home owners and real estate consumers- really don't understand what 'Vendor Financing' is, and why it could or should be consider...

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Real Estate Stats 2019, year to date (date at September 30)

Average single family home sold prices are up 59% compared to last year! ($638,800 average 2019 selling price compared to $400,800 in 2018) But what does that mean, is my home really worth 59% more? It is unlikely, what it means is that generally higher priced homes have been selling and lower priced recreational condos have been taking longer to s...

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Scams & Prepaid Vacations

When 'Real Estate' is not an Investment

Unfortunately there are lots of 'opportunities' that are passed off as real estate investments; some are purely recreational and a form of prepaid vacation- well others are full out scams and should be completely avoided. 


Generally these take the forms of small investment amounts, between $10,000 to $100,000 and sometimes they are eligible RRS...

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